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How it works

100% anonymous data visualization and comparison

The data file is NOT uploaded to a server, just used to extract your relevant, anonymous profile information.

Parse the Tinder data file
Extract anonymous data from the data.json file you get from Tinder
Submit your anonymized data
Upload the data and get additional insigths and metrics
Compare with others
Visualize your data against others, or against segments og gender and age
Open source on Github
This project is completely open source. Inspect the code yourself, and even contribute!

How to request your data

Requesting your data is easy, but it is not automatic. You usually need to log into your providers account, fill out a form and wait up to 24 hours. Instructions below:

How to request your data


Easy! Follow the instructions to request the data, wait 1-3 days and receive a link to download your personal tinder.json. Then come back here!


This process is a bit more manual and time consuming. After you submit your data request it can take up to 30 days before you get a reply.


In Hinge you start the data request inside the app. All the steps are outlined in their help article linked here.

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Brayden Gerrard

Co-Founder / CTO


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“Discovering was a turning point in my online dating journey. The platform offers more than just data; it provides a roadmap to understanding the subtle art of online attraction. With personalized feedback and actionable insights, I've not only seen an increase in matches but also in meaningful conversations. It's empowering to navigate the dating world with such a knowledgeable guide. For those looking to elevate their online dating game, is an invaluable ally.”

Female, 37
@Berlin, Germany

“ revolutionized my dating app experience. The insights offered are unparalleled, helping me refine my profile with ease. I've noticed a significant uptick in matches. Highly recommended for anyone serious about improving their online dating presence”

Male, 29
@London, UK

“Initially skeptical, I found to be a game-changer. The analytics are eye-opening, providing a unique perspective on what works in the online dating world. It's become an essential tool in my dating strategy.”

Female, 34
@New York, USA

“The interface of is user-friendly and intuitive. It offers deep insights into dating trends, which have been instrumental in enhancing my profile's visibility. Their customer service is also top-notch, always ready to assist.”

Male, 26
@Sydney, Australia

“ has been an eye-opener for me. The detailed stats have helped me tweak my profile in ways I hadn't considered, leading to more meaningful connections. It's like having a personal dating coach.”

Male, 37
@Tirana, Albania

“ is a masterclass in online dating efficiency. The analytics are not just numbers but a reflection of real-world interactions. Through its comprehensive breakdown of my profile's performance, I've been able to make informed decisions that have dramatically improved my visibility and engagement. What sets apart is its commitment to using data to foster genuine connections. It's a tool that respects the complexity of dating in the digital age.”

Male, 32
@São Paulo, Brazil

“I was amazed by how detailed and actionable the advice from was. From profile picture nuances to bio suggestions, it's been invaluable. My success rate has improved noticeably since I started using it.”

Female, 25
@Cape Town, South Africa


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Wether it's for a blog, a research paper, or plain curiosity, a dataset from Swipestats will get you on the right track.

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“ turned my curiosity about my dating habits into an informative journey. This platform is a must-use for anyone interested in the analytics of dating!”

Lisa Nguyen, Software Developer & Enthusiast

About Swipestats

Empowering Insight Through Data

At, we believe in the power of data to reveal insights and inspire improvement. Our mission is to provide a unique, insightful experience by allowing users to visualize and understand their own online dating trends and compare them with global demographics. is a fully open-source initiative, promoting transparency and community collaboration. Anyone can inspect our code, contribute improvements, and help shape the future of data-driven dating insights.

“When I first launched, it was nothing more than a fun weekend project, born out of curiosity and a love for data. I could never have imagined it evolving into the platform it is today, reaching thousands of users worldwide. The impact has had is beyond anything I could have anticipated.”

Kristian Elset Bø
Founder of

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