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Wether it's for a blog, a research paper, or plain curiosity, a dataset from Swipestats will get you on the right track.

Small Sample

  • 100 anonymized profiles

  • Perfect to test out the datamodel

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  • 1000 anonymized profiles

  • Analyze at Scale

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Frequently asked questions

Why is this not free?
I ran this service for free for over a year, but as more and more people upload the data the running costs of the service grow as well. Any proceeds go to running and further developing the platform.
Can I use this data for univeristy?
Sure, that is a popular use case! Just give credit to the project in your paper.
Can I blog about this?
That is another popular use case! Just give a shoutout to the project and we are all good :)
How is this different from selling personal data?
The core of Swipestats is that all data is anonymized even before it hits the server. So it is not like selling personal data, more like giving insights into various user segments of the world's most popular dating apps.

Wow! Increadible to have real world, already anonymized data to work with so easily. Definitely a great start for anyone looking to get into writing about data science.

Amanda A.

Pretty sure this project helped me get an A in my uni class 😅.

Stephen W.